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How to Create the Perfect Small Garden


There is no garden too small so if you have the urge to start exploring that green thumb you should definitely go for it. Even if you working with a limited amount of space there are always options to create gardens inside and out. Here are some tips for creating the perfect small garden.


First off you will want to decide if you will be planting inside or out. Either way it's likely that you will be doing container gardening since it's more convenient and less of a hassle than planting in the ground. Those tend to be good qualities for anyone who is new to the whole gardening thing since you don't want to take on too much at once.


Container gardening for beginners basically just means that you will be planting within some container such as pots as opposed to the ground. There are tons of plants that grow happily within container so you don't have to feel limited from that perspective. Of course do keep in mind that just because plants like to live within pots that does mean that they necessarily want to live with each other. Different plants prefer different living conditions so always do your research before pairing them up. Also know that some plants like large pots while others like smaller pots.


When you're designing your small garden outdoors take into account whether the area has a lot of sunlight or shade and then buy the plants according to that. Otherwise you might be stuck trying to fit too many pots into one area of the yard and not having any others for another area. Get vegetable garden ideas here!


If you're creating a small garden inside you either have to choose plants that don't need a lot of light or just make sure that you can build the garden in a windowsill or something near the window. To save space you might consider creating a vertical garden where you hang plants on the wall either by using a trellis of some sort or hanging rods. Then you can either attach pots to those or get the kind with hooks and allow them to dangle off. Both options can look great and work for a wide variety of plant types since it works for pretty much anything that you can plant into a small container, whether that's a succulent or some herbs to cook with.For more facts and information regarding small space gardening, you can go to http://www.mahalo.com/landscaping/.