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How to Create a Patio Garden


When you move into a home or apartment you might consider creating a garden, but sometimes there is a limit on space or the soil simply is not fit for growing. In that case, you might consider doing some container gardening, which is just as rewarding and can be really fun.


With container gardening you are simply potting plants into containers instead of planting them into the ground. You can use large or small pots as you choose, but it's important to figure out which plants prefer large pots and which prefer small before you go planting them on a whim. Certain plants prefer to live alone while others are happy to share space, but when they are sharing space they need to agree about things like how much water they like to drink and how much sun they like to get.


You will be choosing your own soils when you are doing container hydroponic gardening for beginners, and it's important to buy a good one as opposed to trying to plant with the dirt from your yard. Not all dirt is full of the nutrients that plants need to flourish and grow, so you always want to give them the best of the best to make sure they have the best chance of survival.


When you're gardening on a patio you can choose from a lot of different plant types, from fruits and vegetables to flowers and anything in between. Do keep in mind that if your patio is unprotected that you might get some visitors in the form of animal friends, since they like to nibble on fresh plants. Get gardening tips beginners here!


Another thing to be mindful about is that when plants are in containers the containers are more likely to dry out quickly then when they are in the ground since there is less water in the pot to begin with even when they're fully hydrated. You either have to stay on top of your watering habits, or create a watering system to better keep your plants hydrated without having to constantly do it yourself. The water system works best if you are dealing with multiple containers, since if it's just a couple it might be easier to do it by hand with a watering can.


It's very rewarding watching a garden grow so you might be tempted to keep building your garden. When you run out of ground space then it's time to start working with vertical wall space.You can also learn more tips on small space gardening by checking out the post at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=chtf0KF_cBM.