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Tips for Successful Small Space Gardening


If you would like to start growing your own vegetable garden, it is important not assume that all you need is space and seedlings. Planting such a garden is never a problem. The challenge lies in keeping the garden productive. If you are in the dark regarding how to approach the task, below are guidelines to help you out. 


You should make a decision regarding the types of vegetables to grow. This is because different vegetables have different needs regarding resistance to pests, weather conditions, spacing, among other things. Unless you simply want a garden, it is important to choose veggies that would be good for your kitchen. If you want a beautiful patio garden, you should make a decision with that in mind.


You have to build up your soil prior to planting anything. You have to use clean and organically rich soil if you are to realize high yields. This is because such type of soil is good for healthy roots because it makes it easier for them to reach more nutrients and water. To achieve deeper layers of fertile soil, it is advisable to make raised beds. Vegetables thrive best in loose, fertile soil. Get vertical gardening ideas here!


Spacing is of immense significance. It is obvious that you have limited space. Whatever you do, do not assume that spacing as required would be a waste. Crowded gardens would lead to competition for nutrients and/or suffocation, which means poor yields. Since different types of veggies have different needs as far as spacing is concerned, it is important to research regarding how to space them. While you can always thin out the plants later, such a move would mean a waste of money if you are buying your seedlings. 


It is important to make a decision as far as location is concerned. You have to locate your garden appropriately whether you need it for aesthetic purposes or not. Locating your garden next to your house, near a walkway or any other place you would pass daily would be a wise decision. This is important because it would always be possible to notice when something is amiss. The right location would also prompt you to care for your garden more often, something that guarantees keeping it in shape. If you want to learn more gardening tips, you can visit http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Landscape_architecture.


You should research regarding the commonest diseases and pests in your area. This would help you avoid choosing vegetables that are susceptible to the diseases in question. Hydroponics for beginners would also help you know how best to treat your soil prior to planting anything.